Friday, January 30, 2009

News Flash - I'm Brilliant

I've had a rather slow Friday morning at work, so to help pass the time I decided to organize the umpteen documents on my jump drive. While deleting the 14 copies of my resume and my application for Teach For America (a twinge of guilt about that -- I could be teaching English to middle school students in Denver right now), I found all of my notes, outlines, case studies, and essays from my days at Oxford. I began reading through some of the shorter papers -- and by shorter, I mean 10-15 pages -- and came to conclusion that I.Am.Brilliant! More accurately, I used to be brilliant.

Part of me wants to print off my most prized essay, "C.S. Lewis and The Faerie Queene: A Didactic Relationship," and pass it around my office to prove that I am in fact, not just a bump on a log. It's been a long time since I've tossed the "Oxford card" into a conversation, automatically granting me some intellectual merit. Unfortunately, when working in an office, even at a private college, academics tend to take a back seat to computer proficiency and telephone communication skills. It breaks my heart.

I'm not usually one to toot my own horn or pat myself on the back, but sometimes it's nice to remember that my intellect is (or used to be) somewhat admirable. *sigh* Until then, I'll just keep piddling around on my computer, helping people move into apartments, and silently recite Shelley to myself.

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thepianist86 said...

sad thought...if you were teaching middle school students in denver, you'd be within driving distance of me, and i of you. *sad sigh*

BUT...i get to see you in a few weeks.