Thursday, April 30, 2009


At around 7:30pm last night, Billy and I returned home from my dear friends' wake and memorial service both emotionally and physically exhausted. *Note: this whole "Wake Wednesday" business needs to stop. Seriously. If someone else close to me dies, please schedule the wake on a day other than Wednesday. I'm really starting to hate Wednesdays.

I digress.

I was in the bedroom, finally getting out of my work clothes, when Billy came charging in exclaiming, "Someone has been in our house! Who do you know that has a key?! Someone's been in here!" So there I was, half-naked and completely freaked out that someone robbed us -- and also wondered why the heck someone would want to rob the poorest couple on the block. Before I could bust out my jeet kune do (see Tuesday's post), Billy explained that someone had come in and just "left stuff all over the kitchen." Then I started thinking that one of the maintenance guys had been in and left a monkey wrench or a rotor-rooter thingiemajig.

I followed Billy into the kitchen to find our counter and refrigerator FILLED with groceries. Neatly tucked next to the package of Double Stuf Oroes was a card from several of our near and dear friends. They have witnessed our "Hell Week" (see last week's post), and since they know that I would downright refuse any sort of sympathetic gesture, they went into stealth mode and blessed us big time. Needless to say I broke down into tears (while Billy broke into the Oreos) in gratefulness for such wonderful and caring friends.

So although I am a tiny bit peeved that I was totally punk'd, thank you guys. We love you.

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