Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Way Back Whensday (ONU Edition)

It's that time of year -- when students return and the campus is buzzing with excitement and anticipation for the upcoming school year. (Do I sound like a brochure yet?) Today's post is in honor of Olivet and the 4 years I spent within these walls - shall ne'er forgotten be.

Thankfully I do not have any pictures from my freshman year (see the previous "Way Back Whensday" post, throw in a few thrift store t-shirts and a messenger bag, and you've got Freshman Lauren.) Judging by the "SOPHOMORE" written on our t-shirts, you can assume this was during Ollies Follies 2004.

Fast forward to Ollies Follies 2007 - Senior Year. Without a doubt, this was my best year at Olivet, with some of the most amazing roommates/friends: (l to r) Christen, Amy, and Megan. Our year was defined by Rocky movie marathons, endless batches of puppy chow, The Adventures of Mr. Wiggens, apartment boyfriends, and the continual game of "Don't Wake Daddy." Love these girls!

Finally, the infamous 2007 Sigma Tau Delta National Convention (affectionately known as NerdFest) in Pittsburgh, PA. It was a beautiful city, spent with beautiful friends and it was my first semi-decent accomplishment as an English major (other than, you know, studying at Oxford). Despite the 12+ hour train ride with no food, crazy bra-less ladies who slept on the floor, 13 year old drug dealers, and the Sigma Tau chapter president (who shall remain nameless) yelling at Dr. McGuire, we managed to have fun.

This fall marks my 6th year at Olivet -- 4 as a student, 2 as an employee -- and Lord knows when (or if) I'll ever leave.

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Christen said...

Thank you Lo for allowing me to be a part of your wonderful Way-back-Wednesday post. I am very honored. It was my favorite year as well. Love you and miss you!!

P.S. Expect and email soon...I have a bit of an update on life :)