Monday, January 18, 2010

Little Things

Despite my rather crippling Starbucks addiction, I like to consider myself a pretty simple person. I shop at Wal-Mart, I use a crock pot on a weekly basis, I buy my clothes at outlets, and I only use my cell phone to make phone calls. So when I logged into my blog this afternoon and noticed that 500 people have viewed my profile, I was pretty ecstatic. I realize that compared to my more experienced and talented bloggers, this is a drop in the bucket, (not to mention that approximately 492 views are probably from my mom) but either way, I'm still excited and this rambling Ramona thanks you.


NysaK said...

wonder how many views I have...not at this blogger blog(I never use it) but at one of my other three...have to check into it :)

~Kris said...

Views always make you feel happy haha!

I love your descriptions.. keep them coming :)


LJ said...

i'll read it :D
and coffee is a necessity so it can stay right there in the category of simple,... simple necessities :D

Laura said...

i be checkin you out every few weeks:)