Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Time Thief

I know that I'm not the most active blogger, but this time I have an excuse! For the next 5 days I am to report how I spend my time at work in 15 minute intervals. It seems a bit extreme to me, but I know that my boss is just trying to reconfigure efficiency and he trusts our integrity (that is, until he discovers my blog). Believe it or not, my job is very important to me and I do not want to come off as a slacker.

I'm not going to resort to using an empty pop bottle at my desk a la Dwight Schrute, but I do need to make an effort to be more productive. I don't want my sheet to read "Cosby impression" and "stood in line for bagel." (If you don't watch The Office, I pity you.) And I'm pretty sure spending 30 minutes blogging won't go over well. That being said, if I don't get fired for checking my bank account or updating my Facebook status, I'll be back in a week.


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