Friday, March 12, 2010

Snow, Miley Cyrus, and Zombies

Last week the Man and I did something we haven't done since our honeymoon (no, not that); we packed up my Jetta and headed out of town for a few days. Our destination? Mountain Lake Park, Maryland. The land of ridiculously scary hills and towering snow banks. A place where Denny's is considered fine dining and the Wal-Mart is a shopping mecca. Amish country. God's country, some might say. Why did we spend more than 10 hours in a car to get to such a place? Simple:

To visit our dear friends, Mike & Jess! After college, Mike got a job at some computer-software-technology-hacking company and they moved out east to Podunk, MD. Ok, enough small-town jokes; in reality, the Man and I fell in love with their little town. Recent snowstorms had dropped over 4 feet of snow, which was a bit much for my Oklahoma-born friend! One afternoon we "hiked" (I use that term loosely as we walked on pre-packed snow) to some nearby waterfalls, which were absolutely beautiful.

And, of course, we took ridiculous pictures. Actually, we didn't take too many because A.) my camera is broken and B.) we spent most of our time talking, which doesn't make for very exciting pictures. While Jess & I caught up on life's happenings, the boys rekindled their friendship by playing Left 4 Dead 2. Maybe I played a little. And maybe I kinda liked killing zombies with an axe. Maybe.

It was such a wonderful trip filled with good food, lots of laughter, and great friends. We can't wait to go visit them again (maybe this time, with less snow)! Oh and in case you're wondering how Miley Cyrus fits into the title -- the Man bet me a tall decaf peppermint mocha that she did not sing "Party in the U.S.A." I do not keep up with the tween-superstars, but she somehow ended up on my Garth Brooks Pandora station. Mmmm......the sweet taste of victory!

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Jessica said...

Yes! I feel honored to have made the blog. :) In case you didn't already know, it was absolutely WONDERFUL to have you two here as well. We miss you both more than words can say.