Thursday, October 28, 2010

Conversations With the Man (Part II)

This is why we don't have kids yet...

(I call the Man from work to ask him a question. He answers with a weird tone in his voice.)
Me: What's wrong?
The Man: Oh I just have a hard time multi-tasking.
Me: What are you doing?
The Man: Trying to get blood out of my pants.
Me: [long pause] Do I even want to know how?
The Man: Well, I was crushing the cans with my hands and felt that my hand was wet. I thought it was just water so I wiped it off on my pants. Turns out it was blood.
Me: Well, are you ok?
The Man: Yeah, it's just a small cut. But now I'm trying to get the blood out of my pants.
Me: How is that multi-tasking?
The Man: I took them off to soak them in OxyClean, but then I noticed that the bedroom was messy. I was cleaning up the clothes when I noticed that my nightstand was filled with junk so I started cleaning that. But then I remembered my pants were in the bucket of hot water in the hallway so I went back to cleaning my pants. And now you called so I'm talking to you.
Me: Did you do all of that with no pants on?
The Man: [No answer]
Me: Tell me you have pants on.
The Man: I do now.
Me: Do you need me to clean your pants?
The Man: No, they're soaking in hot water in the mop bucket.
Me: You put the entire pair of pants in the mop bucket?
The Man: Yeah.
Me: In the hallway?
The Man: Yeah.
Me: *sigh*
The Man: I took care of it.

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