Wednesday, January 12, 2011


This whole "not having internet at home" deal is for the birds. However, as I still do not have a job and our budget is tighter than ever, I'm back at Starbucks.

Not that I'm complaining.

We've been here for two weeks and we're adjusting fairly well (sans my two complete mental and emotional breakdowns -- I'm entitled to those). Instead of explaining each enlightenment, I'll make a list! Because that's what I do...
  1. This Starbucks doesn't believe in heat. Brilliant for business, terrible for my poor frozen hands.
  2. P90x is freaking ridiculous. It's a great workout, but if I hear Tony Horton tell one more corny joke, I'm going to "bring it" through the TV.
  3. Our neighbors are not adhering to the "pet must be under 15 inches tall" rule. We've never seen the dog, but judging by the baritone bark and wall-shaking galloping, we're pretty confident it's a behemoth.
  4. 25 MPH school zones are enforced 24/7 in Indiana, not just during the school day.
  5. Beer cheese soup makes our house smell like a pub. Oh and I can buy beer now without worrying about losing my job. Pretty cool.
  6. Chick-Fil-A is closed on Sundays. This is common knowledge, but it doesn't hit home until you have an intense craving for chicken strips and Polynesian sauce after church.
  7. PNC banks do not have change counters, therefore we are forced to "roll change." I'm from Chicago; we don't do this. How do they know I won't stuff the roll with tin foil or washers instead of quarters?
  8. Our hot water heater only has two settings: scalding and blistering. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad it's not the other way around, but it's hard to relax when I'm afraid my skin is going to peel off.
  9. Our walls are paper thin. Enough said.
  10. We attended Southeast Christian Church on Sunday, otherwise known as "Six Flags Over Jesus." Ginormous doesn't even begin to describe it. Great preaching, if you can find your way back to the sanctuary from the bathroom.
  11. We finally got a GPS, but it has rendered itself useless since the only places I go are Starbucks and Target. Oh well.
  12. The Man has a new best friend in his duty weapon, Maxwell. Yes, he named his gun. And yes, he goes everywhere with us. Even to church.
  13. The Man has made several friends in Academy, but since they are forced to address each other by last name only, he doesn't know any of their first names. This makes for great introductions.
  14. So far I have successfully hung two pictures, a mirror, a towel rack, and a wall shelf without a power drill. I am awesome.

So that's that! Oh for those who would like an update on the Man (since he's the reason we live here) he's doing very well. He just finished his firearms training, which he passed with flying colors. Each night he comes home and showcases his latest war wounds from defensive training and then proceeds to practice on his unsuspecting and unwilling wife. Our fridge is adorned with shooting targets. Our living room is filled with ammo, magazines, combat boots, duty belts, and various pieces of his uniform. He's so happy and I'm so proud of him.

I'll do my best to get to Starbucks and update on a weekly basis. That is, until I find a job and we can afford internet again. But don't hold your breath -- sleeping in until 10am is a hard habit to break.


~Kris said...

It's Chick-Fil-A's plot.. Demand is always at it's peak on Sunday.. I'm convinced they lace the chicken with crack.. Otherwise why would we crave it KNOWING we can't have it?!...

Just a theory :)

Christine said...

I <3 this update! Hang in there. It sounds like you guys are gonna do just fine.

And I am exceedingly jealous on the beer issue. I mean, I have no problem buying it myself. But I can't ever send my husband out. Sigh.

Matt and Laurryn said...

4. I found a school zone that wasn't enforced 247! It must not be every single one.
13. This doesn't really change, even after academy. If Matt uses first names (which is rare), I can't figure out who he means.
14. Your place looks awesome! Good work.