Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'll Have My Embarrassment To Go, Please

Most of my embarrassing moments occur when I least expect them: getting caught in the revolving door at Macy's and spilling my Starbucks on a complete stranger, breaking the elevator at the Shedd Aquarium, or ripping my pants in the middle of teaching a horseback riding lesson (all of which are true, sadly). I can usually handle these situations because I do not know they are coming -- however, today I welcomed my embarrassment with open arms.

This afternoon I stopped by my friend Faith's office (please see previous post) to pick her up for lunch. When I walked in, she immediately starting laughing and told me she had a surprise to show me. Turns out she had purchased a karaoke machine for our office Christmas party -- so of course I needed to try it out. Before long we were huddled in the back room singing Garth Brooks on the top of our lungs and let me tell you.....we were good. Right around the second chorus of "Wrapped up in You," we noticed the other human resources clerk was standing in the doorway horrified. Apparently she had tried to get our attention, but we were too busy belting out wicked harmonies and our best twangy "bow wows" to notice her. We quickly turned off the machine, composed ourselves as much as we could, and walked directly into the Director of Business Operations and a potential employee. Luckily the head of HR is used to our antics and just shook his head at us while we tried to make a semi-respectable exit. Olivet is so much more than just an Education with a Christian Purpose -- we're pretty darn fun.

(And in case you were wondering, Faith and I will be headlining The 2008 Miller Christmas Party. All are welcome -- bring a friend. Or a potential employee. Or your boss.)

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