Monday, December 15, 2008

My (un)Favorite Things

10. Spiders of any shape and size. I don't care if they're small, non-poisonous, or covered in chocolate -- I hate them. Period.

9. Clowns, china dolls, puppets, etc. I do not understand why a grotesque representation of a human would be entertaining, nonetheless enjoyable.

8. University of Michigan football. Buckeyes rule - end of story.

7. Seattle's Best Coffee. It's not the best. Not even close.

6. Pink. Not the artist, the color.

5. Drama. From high school cat fights to whispered office gossip -- I hate the "he said/she said" and try to avoid it at all times.

4. Tapered leg jeans and white gym shoes. Only Zach Morris can pull off this look, so please don't try.

3. Non-Chicago drivers. I swear, if I have to yell, "Pull out into the intersection at a green light!" one more time, heads will roll in Bourbonnais.

2. Excessive alcohol abuse. I have zero tolerance for drunkenness -- not only do you look like an idiot, but you're killing yourself in the process. And for what purpose? To be "cool?" Sorry - I think getting drunk is the number one sign of immaturity.

1. Throwing up. I don't think anyone (less my sister) hates throwing up more than I do. I will go to great lengths to avoid the sight, smell, or thought of it. And with the bug going around, you can only imagine my heightened sense of awareness (ergo the one gallon jug of antioxidant grape juice in my fridge).

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