Friday, March 27, 2009

Really, I Have a Life...

Contrary to my recent blog entries, I do not spend every day looking through wedding pictures, reminiscing over our day, wishing we were still on our honeymoon, and refusing to face reality...

I just want to upload a few pictures! If you're sick of hearing about the wedding, I give you my sincere apologies. Really, there's more to my life such as:
  • Billy was just recently offered a position as a police officer in Matteson, IL
  • Our dear friends Tiffany and Lance McCann welcomed their first child, Ailey Grace, this past week
  • Because of Billy's job, we discovered that we have to move from our beloved town of Bourbonnais
  • We've jumped into Dave Ramsey's "Financial Peace University" with reckless abandon and hope to pay off our debts within a year and a half

That last one has proven to be a tough pill to swallow. I do not mind cutting back on expenses, saving money, and working hard to pay off unnecessary debt, but I have trouble giving up my daily Starbucks and Saturday morning Cracker Barrel breakfasts. It's been difficult to say no to friends, family, and coworkers for the sake of our budget. Billy and I have had to make (and will continue to make) sacrifices for the sake of our financial stability. BUT, we are hoping and praying that God will be in all things as He's always been and will honor our stewardship.

On that note, I just scrummaged through my purse to find enough change to buy a much needed Twix bar. I'm sure this is neither good for our budget nor my waistline. Baby steps.

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