Thursday, March 19, 2009

Honeymoon's Over, I Suppose

After Billy and I returned from our honeymoon, we still had some money left over from our budget (one of the definite perks of living within our means and only buying things with cash. Thank you, Dave Ramsey!) and decided that we would extend our honeymoon for another week.

Ok. I decided to extend our honeymoon. Billy agreed.

So this meant that for one week we would use whatever cash we had left however we wanted, and only did want we felt like doing (with the exception of going to work). If we felt like eating out, we did. If I didn't feel like unpacking our presents, I didn't. If we wanted ice cream for lunch, we got it. If I wanted to watch Friends instead of doing my taxes, I did. It's been a wonderful transition from honeymoon to real life.

But now the week is over and I have no groceries in the fridge, a pile of laundry the size of Mt. Olympus, and a black hole for a spare bedroom. It was nice not having to worry about what to make for dinner, if Billy has clean underwear, or making the stupid tax deadline. *sigh* I absolutely love married life and wouldn't trade it for the world, but quite frankly....reality bites. I know I'll get over it and we'll go back to our pre-wedding routine (with the exception of "hanging out" as I like to call it). For right now, I just want to grumble.

Maybe I can convince my husband that $5 footlongs don't really constitute as eating out...

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Christine said...

Yay for reality!

It's really fun here, you'll like it.

Your wedding sounded like a blast. Will you post any of your favorite photos here? I saw them on facebook, but you know, the blogosphere waits.