Monday, June 15, 2009

I Left My Pride on the Dance Floor

Billy and I have been in need of a vacation for awhile, especially after this week (*future blog post #1), and decided to use our friends' weddings as our mini-getaway. This past Saturday we traveled to Pike County, Illinois (read: boofu, podunk, sticks, redneck country, etc.) to witness Kody Mefford and Amy Murray's beautiful wedding. Since it was held outside in the middle of June, they so graciously provided the guests with hand fans:
"Wait! Take a picture of me looking like a girl!"
I have never been more proud.

We had booked a room at the William Watson Hotel in Pittsfield for after the wedding, and it was just about the cutest place in the world. I take after my mother in the sense that I love old, historic, family-run places and the entire time I kept saying, "This is just so cute!"

Pittsfield has a population of about 4500, not including cows, so it was nice to get away and enjoy life a slower pace.

Billy took the "slow pace" to heart and slept approximately 3 out of the 3 1/2 hour trip. We left Pittsfield and drove another 3 hours north to our friends' Paige & Doug's wedding in Ottawa. I unfortunately do not have any pictures as my camera died at the start of the ceremony.
We met up with our dear friends, the McDaniels' (Matt & Laurryn and Mike & Jessica), and danced like we never danced before! Once I steal Jessica's pictures off of Facebook, I'll be sure to post the ones of Billy and Mike doing the catwalk to "I'm Too Sexy" and Billy lip syncing to "I Can't Fight This Feeling." I also extend my sincere apologies to the mothers of those two jr. high girls who/whom I taught "Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy." I do love Jesus, I promise, but even He understands that sometimes I just hafta dance! Overall, it was a wonderful, hectic, long, relaxing, busy, weekend filled with laughter, amazing friends, and great memories.

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