Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Way Back Whensday (Short Hair Edition)

As much as I would like to, I cannot take credit for this ingenious idea of rifling through old pictures and posting them for public humiliation. My friend Christine (of has several posts on her blog and I shamelessly followed suit. I figured the blogger world should see the old Lauren -- spikes and all. Ready?
Circa 2001: Silver Birch Ranch. Here I am sporting the classic hexagon glasses (the pair I ended up flushing down the toilet) and reverse-punk mullet: long bangs in front, short spikes in the back. I would put so much gel and hair spray in my bangs that they would plaster to my face and not move. Ever.

Circa 2000-01: Mission Mexico. My sophomore year of high school I went on a missions trip with my youth group. I'm on the right (obviously) again with the hexagon glasses and reverse-punk mullet. Seriously, why did I ever think that looked good??

Circa 2000-01: Mission Mexico. Here you can actually see the glare from the sun off of my plastered bangs. By the end of the day, the ends would begin to dry out and curl up my cheek like a mini Jerry-curl. So cool.

Circa 2003: Senior Prom. I finally put the reverse-punk mullet to rest and opted with the "Halle Berry in James Bond" look. I have to admit, I still kinda like this haircut sans the ridiculous amount of pomade and Suave Ultra Hold. Also please note that my pasty white skin blends perfectly with the white top of my dress and my homemade pearl necklace from Jo-Ann Fabrics.
Many thanks to Christine for giving me this idea. Be prepared for next week when I scan in some of my old family pictures -- it'll be good.

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