Monday, August 3, 2009

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Ok, so it's fairly obvious that I'm not the most efficient photographer in the world. In fact, even when I remember to bring my camera to places, I rarely ever take pictures. I don't have a single picture from the 4th of July or my brother-in-law's graduation party, but don't worry -- I had my camera ready and waiting for the wondrous and riveting South Bend Chocolate Company tour. I have priorities.
My dad and said brother-in-law claimed that they had to go "fix the camper" and dropped us (my mom, sister, and I) off at the entrance. The Badger Tour Bus also dropped off 50 senior citizens who traveled from Milwaukee just to see how some of South Bend's finest chocolates are made. We knew almost immediately that we were going to be the most obnoxious tourists when we were greeted by this:
My even-natured (but pregnant) sister waited patiently as two little girls finished taking their pictures so we could have a go. The three of us were laughing hysterically before we even walked into the store. A young (and obviously thrilled) girl took us from room to room explaining how the different types of candy were made. As we entered the conveyor belt/sifting/dipping/twirling/magic room, my sister noticed this:

"A vat full of chocolate?! That's the best hot tub ever!"
(Did I mention that Brittany's pregnant?)
We laughed until we cried and ate chocolate spoons and took one too many goodie bags and listened to Jose the Cacao Bean and made new friends and thoroughly made fools out of ourselves. I love little adventures like this and though I cannot remember a single thing about how they make chocolate truffles, I will forever remember my mom singing "I'm Too Sexy for my Hairnet" in the rain.

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