Monday, August 17, 2009

Party Animals

On the seemingly rare occasion that Billy actually had a Saturday off, we took full advantage of it by doing what every couple in Bourbonnais does: visit downtown Chicago. (I realize that my verb tense is awry, but I don't care. Just roll with me.) Nevermind the fact that it was a bazillion degrees and was impossibly crowded due to the Air & Water show, we (read: I) wanted to see fireworks at Navy Pier.

And in typical "Lauren" fashion, my camera died 30 seconds after we took these few obligatory bean pictures. So we have no pictures of us walking 3.21 miles to Navy Pier, spending $16 on two hotdogs (outrageous!), people-watching for an hour, realizing that the fireworks didn't start until 10:15pm not the advertised 9:00pm, and leaving the fireworks early because we're old and wanted to catch the early train.

We've come to a mutual decision that a "date night" is better spent on a $5 Little Caesar's pizza and a movie rental. No crowds, no long lines, no cigarette smoke blown in my face, no cranky kids in strollers, no budget-blowing food prices, and most importantly, no constant need for hand sanitizer. Well, maybe just a little.

It was great to spend time together, but downtown Chicago is entirely overrated.

Oh and did I mention that we almost adopted a puppy? And by "almost" I mean we filled out the paperwork, contacted references, and looked for a different apartment that would allow dogs? We don't know why we torture ourselves like we do. One day -- sorry, mom.

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thepianist86 said...

awww...the puppy is SOOO CUTE!!!