Friday, September 18, 2009

If I Had a Hammer...

....I'd probably whack some people over the head with it. Seriously though, if I had a nickel for every time I had to bite my tongue at work, I could afford the surgery to piece it back together. I know that I work at a Christian university and I should reflect Jesus' kind and gentle spirit, but really -- even Jesus upturned a few chicken coops now and then! I'm sure he didn't apologize to the Pharisees for being too harsh and I bet he never sugarcoated the truth in fear of ruffling their feathers. So why do I have to?

I think my office should be operated like the days of the Bible. If you don't pay your rent -- you're out on the street. If you don't repay your loans -- your wages are garnished for the rest of your life. If you write a bad check -- you owe us two goats and a donkey. If you call me names -- a pillar of fire from Heaven will descend upon you. If you take a piece of chocolate off my desk without asking -- you lose your hand. And so on and so forth. Sure it may seem a bit harsh compared to modern day ettiquete, but it would get the point across. And I wouldn't be out of chocolate.

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