Thursday, October 15, 2009

Back on Track

My apologies to the tens of people who read my blog (read: mom, her coworkers, and my dad) for not updating as regularly as I should. But really, when I'm busy cruising around here:

Can you really blame me? Since Olivet doesn't believe in giving their employees the day off on Labor Day, they graciously give us Columbus Day. And since I'm always on the lookout for mini-vacations, I decided to visit my friend Megan in Palo Alto, California for a few days.

Unfortunately I cannot brag that it was 80 degrees and sunny seeing as we wore sweatshirts and jeans to the beach, but I was on the beach nonetheless! I had forgotten how much I love mountains (though not necessarily driving through them) and was reminded of Illinois' lack of topography. 'Twas good to see an old friend, but I went through some serious Man-withdrawal.

How could I not miss this face?

While I was gone, he started his new job at Olivet and I cannot begin to express our excitement! He no longer has to get up at 5am for his 45 minute commute, which means that I no longer have to get up at 5:09am because he forgot to turn off his alarm. Everybody wins! We are stepping out in faith financially (everyone at Olivet can relate) but with an extra $200 a month saved in gas alone, I think Dave Ramsey would be proud. We're still praying for God's guidance as the Man continues to test for a police officer position, but at least he's closer to home in the meantime. Not to mention the fact that he wears a uniform. (Amen?)
So don't worry mom, I'm back in office safe & sound and you can tell grandma that I made sure Billy wore clean underpants on his first day.

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