Friday, October 2, 2009

All the Small Things

...true care, truth brings. (Oh Blink-182, how I miss your three power chords and two minute songs. Thank you for single handedly providing the soundtrack to my high school career.)

When bragging about their husbands, most newlyweds around here go on and on about his latest extravagant romantic gesture. Maybe it's our old age (see last week's post), but once we were married, mine and Billy's views of romanticism changed drastically. To help explain, I have created a few examples comparing the infamous "Mr. Impressive" to the Man:

Mr. Impressive: Has flowers delivered to wife's workplace.
The Man: Throws out dead flowers in the living room that have started to smell.

Mr. Impressive: Cooks an elaborate meal and does the dishes afterwards.
The Man: Makes a frozen pizza and throws away the napkins.

Mr. Impressive: Buys small presents and leaves them around the house for the wife to find.
The Man: Buys toilet paper and refills the roll for his wife to use.

Mr. Impressive: Serenates his wife with love songs he's written.
The Man: Sings selections from "Offspring's Greatest Hits" and the "Celebration Hymnal" at bedtime.

Mr. Impressive: Writes love notes on sticky's and leaves them on the bathroom mirror.
The Man: Washes the crock pot and cleans the bathroom.

Mr. Impressive: Watches "P.S. I Love You" with his wife and pretends to cry.
The Man: Watches "Braveheart" with his wife and releases a solitary man tear.

Let me say this, the Man knows how to be traditionally romantic -- he has bought me flowers, made me dinner, and has written love letters. He can be incredibly romantic, but in our short marriage, I have come to appreciate all of the little things he does. So for now, nothing says "I love you" more than putting the toilet seat down. Amen?

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NysaK said...

AMEN, and really it's more about refilling the toilet paper, I mean come on, they can manage to get it out of the pack and leave it beside the toilet, why is it so hard to get it onto the holder? heh