Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Free Time?

My mom and I have a saying that whenever we get bored, we get dangerous. Give us a bit of free time and we'll probably end up getting into trouble one way or another -- like almost burning the house down last Saturday. (FYI, placing a cardboard shoebox filled with old checks and tax documents onto a bonfire two feet away from a wood-framed house is not the best idea in the world.)

To my dismay, I have discovered that the Man has the same destructive tendencies as we do when left alone. Since he has started working at Olivet, he has had more time off then he knows what to do with. And since he continually strives to be Mr. Impressive, he uses the extra time to help out around the house. And by "help," I mean destroy. Monday night I came home from work to find him knee deep in books and documents in the second bedroom. Yesterday I came home to find the entire bedroom rearranged and flipped upside down (literally, in the case of the recliner). Lord only knows what else he is going to do, but let's just hope he doesn't jeopradize our security deposit.

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