Thursday, November 5, 2009

Early Marriage: A Rant Part II

I just received a phone call from a current married student who was wondering if his wife could spend the next school year living in the dorms. Come to find out they're both 20 years old and she really wants to have the "dorm life experience" so she is willing to spend 9 months living apart from her husband in order to do so.


My head literally hurts from the stupidity and lack of judgement. If you want to have the dorm life experience, then for goodness sakes wait a few years to get married! For the love of all that is good and right, research shows that waiting three years to have sex has resulted in zero deaths.
Seriously. I explained to this gentleman that if his wife were to live in the dorms (which, thankfully, is not allowed) she would have to adhere to a strict curfew, restricted overnight passes, and extremely limited open house hours. Sounds like a recipe for a great marriage to me.

Geez o Pete.

It makes me wonder what role (if any) their parents play. If I wanted to get married at 20 (not that it would have ever happened considering I was a blundering idiot back then), my parents would first laugh at my ridiculous request and then give a resounding no. They're not harsh or unloving or unsupportive -- quite the contrary. They encouraged us to become responsible, mature(ish), and functioning individuals before committing to a spouse. A 20 year old is neither responsible nor mature and I would question their ability to function as a productive member of society.

My word.

Needless to say I feel pretty strongly about this subject. That is why I have created my own blog so I can stand on my soapbox and shout at all the morons in the world. The end.


Jen S. said...

Now I think I've heard it all...

While I think that you can be young and in a healthy marriage, these two aren't doing much for my case. The hub and I got married when we were both 21, but I like to think that we were responsible 21 year olds. We paid off all of our debt (except our student loans), we both had vehicles, we had secured housing and jobs several months before tying the knot. That's not to say that it wasn't easy. We both worked two jobs for a while, but we never had to ask our parents (or anyone, for that matter) for help. I know that we're probably an exception to the general belief that super young people shouldn't get married until they're a bit older, but if you (and your spouse) are mature enough, it can work. I think that we're happy proof of that. :)

Lauren said...

It brings joy to my heart that I'm not the only one who feels this way! You and your hub are a great example, by the way. :)

Christine said...

I'm catching up on your blog, btw.

My sis and her husband were married when she was 20. (He's 4 years older.) And they have flourished beautifully, paying off all debts (save student loans) and now blessing us all with a baby-on-the-way. I agree, most people aren't ready that young. But some are.

Although that couple on the phone certainly weren't (wasn't?). What weirdos.