Friday, November 6, 2009

Jew and Dr.Pepper: A Love Story

"I can tell you're Jewish by your pointy nose and your beady, money-grubbing eyes."

All jokes and teasing aside, sometimes the Man just downright surprises me with his Jewishness. (Jewishism? Jewishosity?) For the most part, he hardly recognizes his Hebrew heritage other than the occasional matzo ball and bottle of Mogen David during Hanukkah. However, he can be the poster child for the cheap Jew stereotype. He's always looking for a great deal, he never throws anything away, and will go to great lengths to avoid wasting food (including drinking a half gallon of milk that was so rancid, it was basically cottage cheese). Last night he stopped by Jewel on his way home from a meeting to pick up a container of cinnamon (for sugar bear)and came back with ten (10) two-liter bottles of pop. Apparently they were on sale for a buck, but then he found a bunch of 55 cent off coupons attached to the bottles, which brought the grand total to 45 cents a bottle. And of course, he couldn't pass up such a great deal.

So now we have a dozen eggs, a loaf of bread, cheese, and 5.28 gallons of Dr.Pepper in our refrigerator. Awesome.

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