Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2009: A Review

Yes, I realize that I haven't updated my blog in almost a month. In my little corner of the world, I like to think that y'all are on the edge of your seats waiting for my next witty post. Wait no more, my friends.

It's a new year (duh), which typically compels millions of people to create unrealistic resolutions. I am entertained by those who refuse to make resolutions, only to hide behind the pretense of "yearly goals." (Honestly, I highly doubt anyone is going to read a book each week for an entire year. And if you do, bravo -- you officially have less of a life than I do.) I have hereby made the devout commitment to do neither. In 2010, I will not make any resolutions nor will I set any life goals. Over-achiever, I know. But hear me out.

The way I see it is, if I were to sit down and hash out all of the milestones I am hoping to reach within the next year, I am setting myself up for disappointment. Yes, I would love to publish a book, apply/start/excel/finish grad school, get out of debt, adopt a dog, learn how to cook Julia Child's beef bourguignone, put away my Christmas tree, and travel to the Grand Canyon. But why should I limit myself to accomplish these things in one year? If by the end of 2010 I haven't done one of these things, am I a failure? Hardly. (For the record, I realize I could make more time-managable goals, but where's the fun in dreaming small?) This may seem like a very pessimistic outlook on life, but I like to think I'm being realistic. Aim low, then everything else will seem that much better.

So -- I am living 2010 with no goals, resolutions, or aspirations. By the way, I'm also thinking of becoming a motivational speaker for young students so if you're interested, please contact my agent, the Man. Thank you.

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