Friday, May 7, 2010

The Man, The Myth, The Enigma

The Man.
You know he's from the northwoods of Wisconsin. You know he drives a truck. You know he's a Jew. You know that he enjoys all things manly.
Did you know that he can sew?
Not just replace a button on a pair of pants or stitch up an open wound...
Meet Mr. Buffalo:

I was introduced to Mr. Buffalo a few weeks ago when the Man's mother-in-law came in town. Apparently he is the product of one of the Man's several home economics courses during high school. When the Man first told me about this, I didn't believe him. Then he showed me this:

Genuine northwoods stitching. The Man said that he couldn't quite get the corners to line up so he did the best he could. I just stood there in shock as he continued to rattle off the other home-ec projects he's completed including a pillow, a sweatshirt (he sewed the hood on backwards twice), banana bread, a teddy bear, an apron, and apple pie.


The Man loves anything and everything to do with dirt, guns, and violence. His favorite movie is Braveheart and he owns a Scottish claymore (a really big sword). His high school career was defined by wrestling and football....and home-ec apparently.

He never ceases to surprise me.
(By the way, I named "Mr. Buffalo." According to the Man, he didn't want to name the stuffed animal he sewed in home-ec. That would just be too girly.)

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