Monday, June 28, 2010

Life in Lists

It's no secret: I love making lists. On any given day my desk is cluttered with assorted multi-colored sticky notes filled with bullet points. For some reason I feel so much more organized and at peace with the world when everything is written on a sticky note. My favorite to do list is on a neon yellow sticky note taped to my computer (the sticky-ness has worn off) written by the Man:
List to Do in order of Importance!
  • Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, strength.
  • Love Your husband
  • Get Starbucks
  • Get Passport photo
  • Get Shotgun
  • Fix Ankle
  • Lunch with Faith

I've managed to scratch off a few of the obvious tasks (getting Starbucks, getting a passport photo, getting a shotgun, and having lunch with Faith). I'm hesitant to scratch off "Fix Ankle" since it's not quite 100% -- I've yet to return to DC's to see just how fixed it is. I'm also a bit wary of scratching off the first two, because that would indicate the task is completed. Yes, I love Jesus and the Man, but I'm not done loving them. So they remain.

All of that being said, you also know I'm not the most committed blogger out here. I could write several blog posts about recent life's happenings, but I just can't bring myself to dedicate an entire post to my new washer and dryer. So, with no further ado, here is a neat and organized bulleted list of what we've been up to.

  • The Man and I received a brand-spanking new washing machine and dryer for the ridiculous price of....wait for it....FREE! I can't exactly spill the details as to how we acquired them, but I will say it was completely legal and Olivet appropriate. And I'm absolutely giddy (as is the Jew, because let's be honest, Jews love free stuff).
  • I finally ordered my study materials to become an ACE-certified personal trainer. I finally scheduled a date to take my test. I finally have real-live clients who pay me real money to help them get into shape. Too legit.
  • My mom recently turned 50. She hates hooplah. So this is a hooplah-less recognition of a previously established fact.
  • The Man took his Illinois EMT licensing exam last week. It doesn't really change a lot in terms of our daily life, except when he walks into my office wearing scrubs and a stethoscope on his way to volunteer at the ER. Hellllloooooo doctor!
  • The Man and I started Weight Watchers in an attempt to control our disproportioned eating habits. Somehow he gets 420 points a day and I have 16. It's stupid and unfair and just plain stupid.
  • The recent monsoons have created a rather large earwig infestation and I am this close to bug bombing our duplex. The Man insists that if he shoots the earwigs with the shotgun, they'll stop reproducing. *sigh* At least he's pretty.
  • Apparently I start graduate school in two months. I am in no way prepared. Not even a little bit. I'm hoping my "let's just wing it and see what happens" success from undergrad will carry me through.
  • I was showered, dressed, and out the door at 6:25am on a Monday morning. Employee of the Year? Or grand opening of the local Dunkin Donuts? The world may never know...

So that's that, my friends. I have plenty more "Conversations With the Man", but I'm saving those for a particularly boring and uneventful day. You know, since most of my days are filled with endless excitement.

Til then...

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