Tuesday, August 17, 2010

When in Doubt, Order Pizza

The Man and I have an unspoken principle that when life get tough, the tough order pizza. We don't know why, but gooey cheese helps make unpleasant circumstances a bit more manageable.

Yesterday was a doozy. We ordered pizza twice one day. From two different places. It was definitely the Monday of all Mondays.

The Man received a rejection letter from what looked like a promising job at a local police department, which put a damper on his entire day. In an attempt to cheer him up, I picked up a pepperoni pizza for his lunch break. For at least 25 minutes, he forgot about the whole thing. Pizza #1

As a reward for our "rice & beans" budget, the Man and I had planned a trip to Jamaica for next spring. We saved and saved and we were so excited to pay cash for a real vacation. Meanwhile, the tuition remission for my master's program (which begins tonight) doesn't include the cost of books. We knew this, but I was never informed as to how much was due and when. Sure enough, I got a letter stating that the payment was due: yesterday. The cost? Roughly the amount of our vacation fund. If I can't have fruity frozen drinks on a beach, I was at least going to have Papa John's. Pizza #2

All of this pizza may be good for our spirits, but not our waistlines. That being said, I was at the gym bright and early this morning to burn off the sympathy calories. When I came home, I was so exhausted I didn't feel like making myself breakfast -- so I ate leftover pizza. Pizza #2 1/2

Please don't judge us.


Jessica said...

Oh, my friend. I would never judge you because we do the exact same thing. I would probably add some ice cream to the mix, too. Love you and praying for you all.

Elizabeth said...

Awh, that stinks! Sorry to hear about your misfortunes. Glad you have the pizza to fall back on. : ) Hope things turn around for the better this week.