Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Fun Facts

After reading countless blogs, which are exponentially more popular than mine, I've decided to add a little structure to each week. Introducing: Friday Fun Facts. (Or Five on Friday or Five Fun Facts for Friday or the Fabulous Five Forgotten Facts on Friday....the alliteration is endless.) Each Friday I will post five fun facts from the past week, the past month, or just the past hour. It's a trial run, so let's see how quickly I forget about it. Ready?

1. This past week we've had 4 different people tell us that our Jetta smells like crayons. Considering we are child-less and the Man and I have never used or even owned crayons since purchasing the car, the source remains a mystery. I'm afraid to clean out from under the seats.

2. Our lives are freakishly similar to Doug & Carrie on "The King of Queens." We have no kids, we both work, we spend our Saturday nights watching TV and eating take-out, my ridiculous-yet-lovable brother lives with us, and the Man is always making unrecognizable noises. Fortunately for the Man, he's not 250 pounds and I don't end every sentence with "idiot."

3. The Man changed a baby's diaper yesterday. It was epic. And he's better at it than I am.

4. My office just purchased Diet Orange Crush for our vending machine. I could not be more excited.

5. Did I mention that my brother is moving in with us this weekend? He's student teaching and needs a place to stay for the fall semester, so I figured what the heck? If anything I'll have more to blog about.

So that's that. Hopefully I'll remember to keep this going, unlike the Way Back Wednesday, or any other attempt to blog consistently. Enjoy!

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elaine fish said...

Hi Lauren, I'm Elaine Fish and I just found your blog. I wanted to rename mine exactly what yours is because I'm a big Narnia/Lewis fan. I loved your very first post about God loving chocolate. He used you tonight to speak his comfort and peace when I am in the middle of a tornado. You are an amazing writer, spoken from a wanna-be myself. I have read alot of "famous" blogs and they're either too syrupy or have too many recipes. You're hilarious and real. Keep pursuing God with all your heart. thank you again for being a divine appointment.