Monday, November 22, 2010

Bike Riding and Buffets

I'll admit it: I have a lot of pet peeves. From the typical biting ones' nails or chewing with ones' mouth open to the atypical pulling up short of the white line at a stoplight or not eating an ear of corn symmetrically. This morning, as I was trying to work off the Cracker Barrel breakfast I ate this past weekend, the weird older guy next to me reminded me of yet another major annoyance...

Why is it that when I am in the gym, and on the rare occasion on a piece of cardio equipment, someone HAS to sit/stand/walk/jog on the machine right next to me? Take this morning for example. It was 6:15am so the gym was practically empty. There were three available bikes next to me and four more behind me, yet the creepy older gentlemen (not to be confused with my fitness center stalker -- he has since disappeared but I had nothing to do with it, I swear) decided to use the bike He could have gone to any other open bike, but instead chose the one closest to me. And it's not just creepy old guys either -- why does the peppy gym bunny in her neon pink racer-back tank top and matching capris have to jog her 1.25 miles adjacent to me? I could understand if every other piece of equipment was being used, but this always seems to happen when the place is empty.

Maybe I give off such a positive vibe that people simply can't resist being far from me. Although it's more likely that I look like such a fool when I run, the other person feels better about him/herself. Either way, I'm helping others achieve.

The other major pet peeve? Socializing in a buffet line. I'm not talking about chain-restaurant buffets like OCB or Ryan's -- those allow the freedom to dart and dash between entrees. I'm talking about buffets at weddings, church functions, luncheons, etc. These events are typically preceded by a long service, during which my stomach becomes very aware of how empty it is. By the time I finally get into line, my one goal is to put food on my plate as quickly as possible. It is NOT the time to catch up with an old friend, thus blocking the mashed potatoes and holding up the entire line. The great thing about social functions is, you can socialize all you want at the table...while you're eating. Not in line. So please don't do it.

So there. Please don't ride the bike next to me or talk in a buffet line. It'll make my world (and yours) a better place.

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Katie said...

Hi Lauren!

I have a thought about the bike riding....

I know that the particular treadmill you were on gets the best air coming out of the vents. It's my favorite one to use. Maybe the bike next to it also gets the air? But that's definitely an awkward situation and I totally agree with you!