Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Dog Like Me

So you've met our dog, Dakota:

And you've met me: the world's most anal dog owner.

We had only had her for a day or two when the Man pointed out some personality similarities between our little dog and me. I ignored his smart remarks at first, but as time goes on, I'm starting to notice a strange similarity. For example(s):

  • Dakota is downright stubborn when she wants to be. She knows when it's bedtime, but will lay down a few feet in front of her kennel and refuse to move. She will clench her teeth when it's time to administer her medicine. If she doesn't want to do something, good luck changing her mind.

  • Dakota is a line-pusher. She knows she's not supposed to go downstairs when we're upstairs, so she'll lay down as close to the steps as possible. One time I caught her trying to sneak down along the wall, out of my line of sight. She likes to see just how far she can go without getting into trouble.

  • Dakota is an instigator. One of her favorite pastimes is picking a fight with our good friends' 75+ pound German Shepard mix. This dog could eat her in one bite, but Dakota doesn't care. She's completely unaware of her size and will challenge any competition.

  • Dakota is a scaredy-cat. Despite her "tough-dog" image, she won't go near the dishwasher, washing machine, vacuum, or blow dryer. We've just recently gotten her used to Duke, the Man's ridiculously loud truck.

  • Dakota is sensitive. She hates being yelled at or scolded, and will do everything she can to win back our favor.

  • Dakota hates mornings. Good luck getting her out of bed -- she'll only leave because she has to go to the bathroom, then it's right back under the covers.

So you see, I think this dog and I were made for each other. And with all our powers combined, we can terrorize the Man like never before. I guess this dog-ownership thing isn't as bad as I thought.

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