Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October Resolution

Did summer even show up? Although the summertime doesn't hold the same freedom and excitement as it did when I was in school, I at least do my best to acknowledge the warm weather. Somehow I went from congratulating the graduates to greeting the incoming freshmen in what seems like a matter of days. I wish the seasons came with a rewind button -- I could use a good barbecue.

I know that resolutions are typically reserved for the first day of the new year, but I simply cannot wait that long to write again (besides, Lord knows what type of things will clutter my mind between now and Christmas). I simply miss writing. However, lately I've felt as though I do not have anything significant to say compared to my blogger friends -- I'm not living in Uganda, I haven't traveled the U.S., I'm not a war hero, I don't save lives for a living, and I certainly don't have three children under the age of two. But if you care to hear the daily musings of a 20-something, obsessive-compulsive, rule bending, suburban-born, Jewish-by-marriage democrat....then by all means, read on.

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Jessica said...

You know, I started at the bottom of your blog (because I just noticed on facebook that you have one), and as I've read the last few minutes, I got a little teary: a) because I miss you like crazy, and b) because you're posts touched something in me. Thanks for sharing yourself with me--both in what I can read online, and through our friendship. You might not be somewhere ridiculously exciting, but your everyday walk with God, and the humor and honesty with which you write, are incredibly valuable. Love you and can't wait to see you soon!