Friday, August 27, 2010

Five on Friday (already?)

I have a strange feeling that I'm only going to remember to post on Fridays, thus compiling my life into five neat and orderly facts. I digress...

1. My brother has officially moved in and has subsequently eaten us out of house and home. I have a hard enough time feeding the Man; now I have yet another 20-something to add to the table. Who knew that 2 family-sized boxes of cereal and two gallons of milk weren't enough for two guys for a week? Crazy.

2. Summer is over. Let me clarify: the summer weather isn't over (thank you Midwest humidity), but the laid back, student-less aspect is long gone. Students are returning ten-fold, which means fall registration is around the corner. And fall registration means long lines, crazy questions, clueless students, frustrated parents, working on a Saturday and gallons of Starbucks. Jealous?

3. I squatted 185 pounds the other day. The Man and I are really into physical fitness and Wednesdays are our "squat days." (FYI, the Man gets so excited about Tuesday "bench day" that he literally can't sleep the night before. It's like Christmas - in a sweaty kinda way.) I'm short and petite, so squatting 185 pounds is kinda a big deal. Now I can't walk without wanting to die, but whatever.

4. The Man decided that he wants to learn Spanish and has since downloaded the entire Rosetta Stone workshop. I'm proud of him for wanting to expand his horizons, but I wish he would speak to himself rather than repeating, "DONDE ESTA LA BIBLIOTECA?" to everyone in Starbucks.

5. Tuesday night marked my first official graduate course for the Master's of Organizational Leadership. With a sweet tea in hand, I had a great time meeting the other students in my cohort and listening to their academic/professional accomplishments. It was a bit intimidating, considering I don't have any professional accomplishments, but I can make people laugh. Night one: success.

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