Friday, December 3, 2010

America's Crossroads: Who Cares?

I guess this whole "moving south and establishing a new life together" thing is really happening. The Man and I got a call from our landlady confirming our move-in date. We have a new address. And it's in Indiana. Here's another shocking piece of information about me: I don't like Indiana. It's flat. It's boring. And the resident drivers don't take advantage of the 70 mph speed limit.

Seriously though, as a Chicagoan, Indiana is like our pesky neighbor. They're not cool enough to be invited to the barbecue so they just linger at the fence and stare into our backyard. They have weird rules and rituals and they dress funny. They probably give out Bit O' Honeys on Halloween. Not cool, Indiana.

BUT...the Man and I are out to change all that (ok, maybe not so much the Man as he really doesn't care either way). With Starbucks in hand and lead foot on the gas, I am on a mission to make Indiana cool again. I will drive 10 over the speed limit, wear pants that go past my ankles, and maintain proper hygiene for all of my teeth. I will make Indiana a proud state once again.

I just need to figure out how to get to our new house first.

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