Monday, April 4, 2011

No, Really, I Have a Life Now

*Edit: I don't know why Blogger isn't including paragraph breaks, so please excuse the really long jumbled mess.* Ok, so maybe life has gotten just a teeny bit busy since my last blog post. I know how all of you loved my blog posts about my adventures in baking, doing laundry, and trying not to murder my neighbor's dog. But take heart, those things are still happening.... In the meantime, God has blessed me with not one, but two part-time jobs in the Louisville area. Monday through Thursday I work as a "part-time academic assistant" (read: kid wrangler and occasional tutor) for the YMCA in Louisville. I travel to two different elementary/middle schools to help kids with their homework after school. The students are great and it's hilarious to hear them talk with their southern accents. The only downside to this job, other than keeping kids from sneezing on me, is trying to remember basic algebraic equations. I literally had to tell a student that I had no idea how to help her and she should ask one of her classmates. Not one of my finer moments. When I'm not busy shaping the young minds of America, I am a "team sports sales associate" at the local Dick's Sporting Goods (read: I stock and tell people which baseball bat to buy). All jokes aside, I am getting paid to organize, clean, and arrange sports equipment symmetrically. Best.Job.Ever. When we first moved here I swore up and down that I wouldn't work in retail because it carried the stigma of "those who can't, work retail." But when it's the end of February and I'm still spending 23 hours a day in sweatpants and not contributing to our financial situation whatsoever, social stigmas go out the window. And apparently I'm pretty good at what I do, as my manager recently asked me if I was interested in moving up into management. I told my mom that I feel like I earned a gold medal at the wanna-be Olympics: it doesn't really mean anything, but it's still shiny. Hey, I'm happy, I'm earning money, and I get a sweet discount. Wha-bam. Oh and yes, the Man is still alive and as snarky as ever. He's over halfway through police academy and cannot wait for graduation. The next time I get a free moment to blog, I'll be sure to include some of our recent conversations. Be prepared. Welp, my neighbor's stupid dog has started howling, which means it's bedtime. I promise I will try to be more diligent in updating my blog. Try.

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