Friday, September 2, 2011

The One Where She Updates Her Blog

In an ideal world I would work 40+ hours a week, maintain a clean & orderly house, walk the dog every morning, and greet my husband with a homemade dinner all while looking like Jessica Alba.

But let's be honest: I work 40+ hours a week, my house is filled with police gear & dog toys, I "walk" Dakota by having her chase her ball up and down the stairs, and the Man is lucky to get frozen ravioli for dinner while I still have pants on.

It's life.

So needless to say, updating my blog hasn't exactly been one of my top priorities. This is unfortunate as a) I love to write b) it's a way to update y'all on our lives and c) it's the only way I can keep my vocabulary & spelling in check. (In that sentence alone, I had misspelled almost every single word. This is sad.)

So here's an update. The Man finished his first 8 weeks of probation in the 4th division (near Churchill Downs for all of you who aren't familiar with Louisville geography) and has moved to the next phase in the 1st division (equivalent to Chicago's loop geographically, the West Side criminally). He'll be with his probation officer through October, then he's out on his own. He absolutely LOVES being a cop, and I'm still adjusting to being a cop's wife. I'm learning more of the terminology, I'm trying not to worry when he comes home an hour late, and I'm taking full advantage of the police discounts at local restaurants. (Half off at Papa John's? C'mon now, you would too...) He's also taking a Brazilian ju-jitsu class, which is just another excuse for him to beat people up. As long as it's not me, I'm ok with it.

I'm still working as the sales leader Dick's Sporting Goods, and rumor has it that I'll be moving up to management in the next few months. Never thought I would become a retail manager, but I love my job and am undoubtedly the best speller in the store (my time at Oxford is really paying off). When I'm not at work, I'm in the gym training for my first powerlifting meet. The Man thought it would be fun, which it will be for him as he can lift a bazillion pounds. I, on the other hand, am just trying to work up to the "Aw, look at her. Bless her heart for trying" status. At least I'll get a t-shirt.

Dakota has been working on walking without a leash and has successfully gone potty outside without a leash 3 times today. She also ate the rest of her bone and got a bath last night. Big news.

So there you have it. I told myself I'm going to update my blog more than just once a month, but if it's anything like my other goals, I wouldn't count on it. Except for my "eat a piece of chocolate everyday" goal. That one's right on track.

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Elizabeth said...

glad to hear you two are doing well!